Types of Financing Available to Our Clients

Individuals / Art Collectors
Firm Capital provides individuals and art collectors with financing to meet short-term liquidity needs. We are willing to lend on a single art piece as well as portfolios of art. Individuals and collectors can use their existing art as collateral to finance the acquisition of new art pieces or other investments.

Galleries / Art Dealers / Private Museums / Foundations / Estates
Firm Capital provides structured credit facilities secured by a portfolio of art or single piece to Galleries, Foundations and Private Museums. This allows access to credit for general operating purposes, tax planning or any liquidity needs. Galleries can manage inventory with acquisitions lines of credit. Estates can access credit to address tax liabilities and/or to draw on credit for utilization of capital for other estate needs and distributions to beneficiaries.

Private Bankers
Provides credit for a client’s art portfolio or individual pieces as part of an asset management plan to re-distribute capital to different asset classes.