Lending Programs Available to Our Clients

Term Loans and Acquisition Financing
Fixed rate and open or closed term loans for up to 5 years

  • Create liquidity from under-levered assets
  • Manage timing of capital gains; keep other wealth insulated from art assets
  • No requirement to sell underlying collateral
  • Increase buying power for acquisitions

Dealer Inventory and Consignment Financing

  • Fixed term and bridge loans secured by a dealer’s art inventory
  • Finance existing inventory or new acquisitions; increase buying power
  • Financing solutions can be utilized by dealers to encourage consignments
  • Bulk of collateral remains under dealer’s control

Bridge Loans and Auction Advances

  • Loans secured by art assets scheduled to be sold
  • Create liquidity in advance of a sale
  • Mechanism for an orderly liquidation of assets for estate planning purposes

Lines of Credit

  • Rapid access to capital with flexible terms
  • Keep financial assets fully deployed; pay down facility as other assets are sold
  • Add collateral to increase credit availability