Firm Capital Art Finance Corp.

Firm Capital Art Finance Corp. is the art financing affiliate of the Firm Capital Organization. We arrange loans secured against our clients’ art collection. We offer competitive interest rates and discreet, professional service.

Our services are offered to individuals, art collectors, art dealers, galleries, foundations, private museums, estates and private banks/family offices. Our loan programs help clients finance new purchases of art or other investments, create liquidity, build their inventory, diversify their assets, pay gift and estate taxes, and facilitate estate planning.

Our loans are structured to provide our clients with the highest level of flexibility. We offer loans (minimum $200,000) with terms of up to 5 years. Our loans can be structured as a term loan or line of credit. In some cases, clients retain possession of their art.

Our primary objective is to provide clients with capital to meet all of their short-term liquidity needs. Firm Capital Art Finance Corp. is part of the Firm Capital Organization, a specialized lender since 1988. This expertise service has been expanded to the speciality needs of art financing.

Firm Capital Art Finance Corp. team has decades of executive-level experience in private credit and merchant banking.

Vision Statement
To provide confidential, fast and flexible service that provides capital to our clients to meet their varying needs.